Friday, April 05, 2013

How does the media create and promote fake news and shape public perceptions, and create talking points?

Never heard of the "Bull Moose Sportsmen"? Don't recognize them and how they represent millions of hunters like the organizations that belong to the AWCP? (The American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) is a consortium of 42 organizations, including major groups such as Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited, National Wildlife Turkey Federation, National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The groups together represent 6 million individual members.), well Bull Moose Sportsmen doesn't belong to that consortium because nobody else seems to know who or what they are either.

The group refuses to reveal who funds it, but all of it's donations go to democrats, and all of it's leaders are democrats, in other words, a front group to give the media a method to report stories such as the one below.

Here is how the media operates, this is the article from Politico.

Headline: Hunting group wants background checks

The leader of a hunting advocacy group said Wednesday that implementing criminal background checks is part of the “ethics of responsible gun ownership.”

“Background checks fall within the ethics of responsible gun ownership that American sportsmen have been teaching and living for generations,” Bull Moose Sportsmen co-director Gaspar Perricone told POLITICO.

Seventy-two percent of hunters support criminal background checks with some exceptions, with just 26 percent opposing and the remainder undecided, according to a Bull Moose poll released last week.
”While we take a conservative view of the Second Amendment, we’re also mothers and fathers. We share the outrage of the atrocities like those in Aurora and Newtown,” Perricone said. “[Protecting] our children while our Second Amendment [rights] are protected — both can be accomplished.”

Perricone met with President Barack Obama later Wednesday in Denver as part of Obama’s trip to drum up support for gun reform.

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