Thursday, March 24, 2016

How anti-America and pro-Communist is Obama?

Obama praising the dictator's enslavement of Cuba, the longest reigning dictator in the world, 56 years (52 years official) and comparing it to our forefather's, who founded the freest nation and the freest people the world has ever known, and that it will never know again.

“Here’s my message to the Cuban government and the Cuban people,” Obama said.”The ideals that are the starting point for every revolution, America’s revolution, Cuba’s revolution, the liberation movements around the world, these ideals find their truest expression, I believe, in democracy.”

Castro's takeover led to executions, dungeons and torture, and permanent oppression, and Obama praises it as 1776.

Does anyone remember the Obama campaign volunteers and the posters of their heroes and role models?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cruz fights in 2013

In 2013, when Cruz spoke in opposition to Obamacare on the Senate Floor for 21 hours, Limbaugh said he was a ‘freedom fighter battling for the soul of his party.’
Rush Limbaugh on Senator Cruz 2/10/2016

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST):  Now about Cruz and his being self sufficient, there is no question about that. Here, let me just say something right off the bat, and I've said this before, I opened the program with it yesterday. When I saw what Jeb and Kasich were doing in New Hampshire, at the last minute in order to get votes, they were going left as fast as Dion Sanders can backpedal. They were moving left faster than anybody I've ever seen anyone go left. And I opened the program yesterday saying you will never, ever have to worry about that with Ted Cruz. And then I expanded on it, and let me say one -- if conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz. Because you are exactly -- this is the closest in our lifetime we have ever been to Ronald Reagan, in terms of doctrinaire, understandable, articulated, implementable conservatism. There is nobody closer.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Greater Grace: A Story of God, Redemption, and Steve McQueen

They said he could act with the back of his head. No dialogue or frills required—his mere presence loomed larger than life in every shot. Put him next to some of the finest actors in the business, and he would undercut every one of them simply by being in the frame. His piercingly distinctive blue eyes were set in a rough-hewn, unconventionally handsome face that rarely betrayed strong emotion. His smallest physical gesture was precisely calculated and gracefully executed. You couldn’t best him, you couldn’t buy him, you couldn’t touch him. He was the King of Cool. He was Steve McQueen.

He was the definition of a self-made man, working his way up from a horrific childhood of neglect, paternal abuse and a tough life on the streets to the gold-plated life of a Hollywood icon. He once said that he often had nightmares of everything he had gained being suddenly taken away from him. A man of many paradoxes, he was both humble and defiant, stingy and generous, gentle and violent, self-assured and insecure. Perhaps it was director Norman Jewison (Fiddler On the Roof) who summed him up best: “He was a loner, and he was troubled, and he was looking for a father.”

Everyone had a Steve McQueen story. His superior officers in the Marines could have told you how he spent 41 days in the brig for resisting arrest when caught AWOL. The young men at the Boys’ Republic where Steve had spent some of his teenage years could tell you how he regularly came back and visited the school after becoming famous, personally responding to every boy’s letters and financially supporting the school until his death. Magnificent Seven co-star Yul Brynner could tell you how McQueen stole scene after scene by deliberately throwing in extra, distracting bits of business. Bruce Lee could have told you about a hair-raising ride in Steve’s Porsche that had Lee cowering in the foot-well (and threatening to kill Steve when they stopped, causing a fearful McQueen to hit the gas again and refuse to slow down until Lee promised not to hurt him).

He was known to say that he lived for himself and answered to no one. Asked once if he believed in God, the actor brazenly replied, “I believe in me. God will be number one as long as I’m number one.” That philosophy informed much of his life. All the money, cars, alcohol, drugs and women that a man could ever want were at his fingertips, and it was only a matter of time before he became addicted in every way. Professional successes only inflated his ego. Wild experimentation with substance abuse drove him to the edge of mental stability. Though he tried to be a good father to the son and daughter of his first wife, his addictions, serial womanizing, jealousy and violence burned through two marriages.
Contine here

Saturday, November 29, 2014

In Texas V. California, Results, Not Intentions, Matter Most

By CHUCK DEVORE Investor's Business Daily

When it comes to poverty, the two biggest states, California and Texas, offer a vivid contrast: Results matter more than well-meaning intentions, and work beats welfare.

Once again, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation at 23.4%, according to a new Census Bureau report that takes into account the variable cost of housing from state to state as well as noncash benefits such as housing vouchers and food stamps. (The official poverty measure assumes the same costs throughout America.)

This broad poverty measure shows that Texas' poverty rate dropped to 15.9%, the national average. Along with the nation's highest poverty rate, California, with one-eighth of America's population, has one-third of the nation's welfare recipients.

Its state and local taxes are a whopping 52% higher as a share of income than Texas'. In fact, California could completely eliminate its income tax, the nation's highest, and it would still pull more money from its residents than does Texas.

The states where 1-in-5 Americans call home are both minority majority states. Hispanics make up 38% of the population in both, while 12% of Texans are black vs. 7% in California.

In spite of California's generous welfare programs designed to lift people out of material poverty and its heavy progressive tax burden intended to "spread the wealth around," the Golden State has 47% more people living in poverty on a per-capita basis than does Texas.

Breaking down the numbers by the three largest demographic groups, an average of 9.7% of white, non-Hispanics in Texas were in poverty from 2009 to 2012 vs. 14.8% in California.

Among blacks in Texas, 19.9% were in poverty, tied with North Carolina for the lowest rate among the 12 most populous states vs. 30.1% in California. For Hispanics of Mexican national origin, the poverty rate was 22.6% in Texas vs. 34% in California.

As for schools, according to the U.S. Education Department, Texas tied with Nebraska, Vermont and Wisconsin for the nation's second highest high school graduation rate at 88%. Iowa was first. California came in 30th, with a high school graduation rate of 78%, just behind West Virginia.

But graduation from high school means little if it's accomplished through social promotion. In the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress, the Education Department's national standardized test, Texas also bested California in fourth- and eighth-grade math and reading.

(California students do typically outperform their Texas counterparts on the SAT — but that's because a far higher percentage of Texas students take the SAT in the first place.)

Friday, November 07, 2014

1838: The first photograph of a human being

The exposure time for the image was around seven minutes, and although the street would have been busy with traffic and pedestrians, it appears deserted. Everything moving was too fast to register on the plate.
The exception is the man at the lower-left who sat still long enough to appear in the photograph. The person cleaning his boots is also visible, although not as distinctly. go to this site for more, and full size photos

Friday, October 10, 2014

Panic is in the air in some places over the deadly ebola virus. Is the panic justified?

Excerpt from

How Deadly is Ebola?

With fear and hype spreading, let's take a step back with a basic question: Just how deadly is the virus, where will the outbreak spread to next – and how can it be stopped?
The world is facing an unprecedented outbreak of the Ebola virus, with more than 3,400 deaths so far and an estimated five new cases being reported every hour in Sierra Leone. Infections and potential cases have now been reported as far afield as the Australia, Spain and the US – which this week also suffered its first death.

But as the Government resists calls for major British airports to follow the American lead and start screening incoming passengers for the disease, just what are the risks to Britain, West Africa and the rest of the world?

Just how deadly is the Ebola virus?

The strain of the Ebola virus involved in the current outbreak in West Africa has a mortality rate of 50 per cent – though rates for the outbreaks since 1976 have varied from 20 to 90 per cent.

Since then, we have developed strategies of barrier nursing, quarantine, protective equipment and contact tracing – and we know that these are enough to contain outbreaks if they are employed early enough.

That’s because of the way Ebola is spread. Though highly contagious if it is given the chance to enter the body, it can only do so through the direct transferral of bodily fluids such as vomit, sweat or blood – making it much easier to contain than air-borne viruses like avian flu.

The reason the current outbreak has become so vast is simple – it was left unchecked for at least three months before being reported to the World Health Organisation.

The fact that it has been allowed to get a major foothold in West Africa – sprouting up in countries without the medical infrastructure to deal with it – is the reason it has become such a deadly prospect there.

Dr Edward Wright, a senior lecturer in Medical Microbiology at the University of Westminster who has been working to develop harmless versions of viruses like Ebola for the past 10 years, admits that “we have no experience of dealing with anything like this before”.

But there is no risk of something similar happening in the UK, Europe, the US or anywhere where systems of isolation and treatment are more established and – now – alert to the danger.

Read the entire article here.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Pygmies 'are hunted and eaten' in Congo

The Scotsman newspaper

PYGMY activists from Congo today demanded that the United Nations set up a tribunal to try government and rebel fighters accused of slaughtering and eating Pygmies during fighting in the northeastern corner of the country.

Army, rebel and tribal fighters - some believing the Pygmies are less than human or that eating their flesh would give them magic power - have been pursuing them in forests, killing them and eating their flesh, according to claims. There have even been reports of market stalls for Pygmy flesh, being set up.

Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of the Mbuti Pygmies in Congo, said: "In living memory, we have seen cruelty, massacres, genocide, but we have never seen human beings hunted and eaten literally as though they were game animals, as has recently happened.

"Pygmies are being pursued in the forests . . . people have been eaten," said Makelo, a delegate to the UN permanent forum on indigenous issues, which is meeting at UN headquarters.

About 600,000 Pygmies are believed to live in Congo. Africa’s third-largest country is emerging from a four-year civil war.

Among the original inhabitants of Congo, the Pygmies live deep in northeastern forests, eking out an existence as hunter gatherers.

Earlier this year, human rights activists and UN investigators confirmed that tribal fighters and members of one rebel group killed, cooked and ate at least a dozen Pygmies during fighting.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Another cringe moment from our president, one of the many involving England.

Watch as the leader of the United States tries to offer a toast and a speech at the wrong moment, watch his face, one thing that you can always count on from Hussein Obama, is that his chin will be the highest in the room.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now

*Seven years after former US Vice-President Al Gore's warning, Arctic ice cap has expanded for second year in row

*An area twice the size of Alaska - America's biggest state - was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice

*These satellite images taken from University of Illinois's Cryosphere project show ice has become more concentrated

Article and photos here, DailyMail, UK.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blacks Must Confront Reality

Walter Williams

Excerpt: "In 1950, female-headed households were 18 percent of the black population. Today it's close to 70 percent. One study of 19th-century slave families found that in up to three-fourths of the families, all the children lived with the biological mother and father. In 1925 New York City, 85 percent of black households were two-parent households. Herbert Gutman, author of "The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925," reports, "Five in six children under the age of six lived with both parents." Also, both during slavery and as late as 1920, a teenage girl raising a child without a man present was rare among blacks.

A study of 1880 family structure in Philadelphia found that three-quarters of black families were nuclear families (composed of two parents and children). What is significant, given today's arguments that slavery and discrimination decimated the black family structure, is the fact that years ago, there were only slight differences in family structure among racial groups.

Coupled with the dramatic breakdown in the black family structure has been an astonishing growth in the rate of illegitimacy. The black illegitimacy rate in 1940 was about 14 percent; black illegitimacy today is over 70 percent, and in some cities, it is over 80 percent.

The point of bringing up these historical facts is to ask this question, with a bit of sarcasm: Is the reason the black family was far healthier in the late 1800s and 1900s that back then there was far less racial discrimination and there were greater opportunities? Or did what experts call the "legacy of slavery" wait several generations to victimize today's blacks?

The Census Bureau pegs the poverty rate among blacks at 28.1 percent.

A statistic that one never hears about is that the poverty rate among intact married black families has been in the single digits for more than two decades, currently at 8.4 percent. Weak family structures not only spell poverty and dependency but also contribute to the social pathology seen in many black communities — for example, violence and predatory sex. READ IT ALL HERE.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How did the left destroy boys interest in school, and even history?

This is from Breitbart, watch the stunning classroom video at the bottom.

Relationships are hard, especially with colonies and royalty involved. But with each breakup comes a new beginning, an independence even.

The tale of the 13 Colonies that defied taxation and battled their way to nationhood got a Common Core twist Monday, giving about 500 Enochs High juniors a history lesson they won’t forget.

Three social studies teachers worked together on the lesson, delivered in U.S. history classes schoolwide. The lesson started with background information but not through a lecture, reading the chapter aloud or doing the unit quiz.

Clicking through a series of slides, teacher Janeen Zambo strode around the class asking students to figure out why something happened, what might happen next, and where they could get the information for their homework.

...As students move away for work or college, she pointed out, “you start seeing yourself as separate. It’s part of growing up. Maybe the Colonies were growing up.”

With the background covered, she switched gears. A letter was left in her room, she said, unfolding a paper. Students need to remember their papers, not pass notes, because she reads aloud what gets left behind, she said to stunned silence.

The letter described a failing relationship. The writer needed space. It just wasn’t going to work out. Sympathetic murmurs greeted the harshest lines. As the bell rang, Zambo admitted it was not a classmate’s life they were hearing about, but the birth of a nation.

“We’re going to study the best breakup letter in the history of the world,” Zambo said as she ended her first-period U.S. history class.

One has to wonder if the Treaty of Paris in 1783 concluded with a group hug to show that both sides bore no hard feelings despite the breakup of their relationship.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Erased History: The aggressive effort to impeach George W. Bush

Not only did Democrats try to impeach George W. Bush during his presidency, they did so aggressively. While many have laughingly claimed that efforts to impeach President Obama are racist, or have blatantly lied by saying that there was no effort to impeach George W. Bush; history tells quite a different story.

One of the most egregious statements was made by Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who said in part,

"We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority. President Obama has the authority."
Lee, who co-sponsored legislation to impeach George W. Bush, lied to her base, who won’t bother to research her statement. Lee echoed MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams, who told Republican strategist Ron Christie in April that “no one threatened to impeach George Bush” on an episode of “Weekends with Alex Witt.”
The motion to refer the articles of impeachment of George W. Bush to the Judiciary Committee was approved 251-166 by a mostly party line vote, with the exception of 24 Republicans, who also voted “yes:” Read the entire article with video, here.