Monday, June 05, 2017

Fake News

This is what you watched on CNN


BECKY ANDERSON, CNN: What I want to show you now is, viewers, is a wonderful scene.

And these are Muslim mums, and the little fella here and his poor little sign. And this is in commemoration, you can see his little sign: "To the heroes of London."

There are flowers on the streets here, Ladies with (signs reading) "#TURNTOLOVE"; "#ISIS=ENEMIES OF ISLAM"; "#ISIS WILL LOSE"; "#TURN TO LONDON" (actually says "#FORLONDON" — Ed.)

And I think a poignant scene, and a scene we should sit on just for you viewers to understand exactly how people feel here on the streets of London so close to what were such brutal attacks last night.


This is how CNN created this fake 'news'. Do you think that CNN would use it's expertise to coordinate a small conservative message?

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