Monday, July 14, 2014


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

To understand what people who are not born Muslims–especially women–are walking into consider these features of Sharia Law that are never mentioned to prospective converts. Also keep in mind what you are about to read pertains to YOU as well. Sharia Law presumes even non- Muslims will be forced to submit to it when it takes control of our country.

Under Sharia both Muslims and non-Muslims convicted of theft will have their right hand amputated.

Anyone who denies the truth of any part of the Qua’ran will be executed.

Anyone who denies Muhammad was a prophet will be executed.

Anyone who worships a god other than Allah the Moon god will be executed.

Anyone who is or becomes a Muslim and leaves Islam or leads anyone from Islam will be executed.

Any non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman will be executed.

Muslim men are allowed to marry girls over 8 years old.

All women will have their clitoris cut out as prescribed by Muhammad in Book 41 Kitab Al – Abad Hadith 5251.

Women may have only one husband, but men may have up to 4 wives.

Men may beat their wives.

Women may not divorce their husbands without their husband’s permission but men can divorce their wives by saying “I divorce you,” three times.

Rape can only be proved with 4 or more male witnesses and female rape victims are not allowed to testify against their rapist.

Women can only testify in court cases involving property, but their word carries only half the weight of a man’s testimony.

A female can only inherit half of what a male can inherit under a will.

Because it is said to lead to “upheaval” a woman is prohibited from driving.

A woman may not speak to a man she is not related to unless a male relative is present.

A woman may not be treated by a male doctor who is not her husband or a blood relative. Since the number of female Muslim doctors is infinitesimal many women in seventh century, Sharia ruled countries like Afghanistan die of simple wounds or in childbirth.

Muslims should follow TAQIYYA which encourages lying and tricking non-Muslims to advance Islam.

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