Saturday, April 26, 2014

New York and Texas in 30 seconds

EDITORIAL: In New York vs. Texas, it’s TKO by Texas

Every successful politician understands that you never start a fight you can’t win, and it’s an adage that Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has taken to heart. Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, flew to New York City the other day to round up entrepreneurs to take a few of them back home to the business-friendly Lone Star State. Before he left, Mr. Perry dared Mr. Cuomo to stand up for his state’s economic policies in a one-on-one debate.

Knowing a losing fight when he sees one, Mr. Cuomo scurried off, ducking the issue. He understands that Texas is heaven for entrepreneurs, and New York is hell.

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center ranks New York the least-free state in America among its Freedom in the 50 States survey. The state ranks dead last in the center’s analysis of economic freedom, tax burden and fiscal policy, 48th in personal liberties and the imposition of irritating nanny-state laws, and 47th in regulatory burdens. Pretty miserable stuff. Read the rest here.

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