Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What if Trayvon had been a normal 17 year old, and instead of ambushing Zimmerman and attempting to beat him to death, had spoken to him

TRAYVON MARTIN: - Hey, are you following me?


TRAYVON MARTIN: - May I ask why?

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: - Well, uh, we've had a number off robberies in this neighborhood lately, and I don't recognize you...

TRAYVON MARTIN: - Oh, well, I'm Travon Martin, I'm spending the summer at my uncle's in unit 12. I expect you'll see a lot of me this summer.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: - OK, thanks, good to know. I'm George Zimmerman, by the way.

They shake hands.

TRAYVON MARTIN: - No, thank you for keeping an eye out for your neighbors!

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