Thursday, August 02, 2012

How does the NYTs introduce a newly elected republican Senator to the American people, (hint, they aren't neutral)

(first they call to abolish the Senate as a hindrance to good government)

Barring some incredible twist of fate, Ted Cruz will be the next United States Senator from Texas, after winning the Republican nomination by winning a runoff vote against David Dewhurst last night. (Kelefa Sanneh previewed the vote for Daily Comment last week.) So today’s a day to congratulate Cruz and his supporters, who worked very hard to make what once seemed impossible happen. And it’s a day for political reporters and pundits everywhere to talk about what it all means, and about the continued power of the Tea Party.

Tomorrow, though? That should be the day we ask how the hell we got here.
NYTs article here

(Next-it has only been hours since Ted Cruz was elected, but how about some New York Times ridicule.It is called branding, weaken the Republican immediately by planting a negative image in the public's mind, which will weaken his effectiveness to represent the people who elected him.)

"But we don’t really need to go over his basic agenda because you can pretty much guess it. (Hint: cutspendingshrinkgovernmentrepealOba" Also, he memorized the Constitution in high school. And he wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service. NYTs article here

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