Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Black man takes on one of TV's most obnoxious racists, Bill Maher

Excerpt: The bottom line is that we are not put on this planet for your entertainment or as a way for you to continue rebelling against your parents.

I know Bill Maher very well. I’ve never met him, but I had friends like him as a kid. These were the guys who would tell you that you “weren’t acting black” because you didn’t smoke weed, or wanted to do your homework. They were the spoiled, thrill-seeking kids from the suburbs who would convince you to do something that would get you both arrested, but then call their rich fathers to bail them out while your black ass stayed in jail. Men like Maher don’t give black men a chance to express the breadth of their humanity and evolve to be something better than the stereotype….they just want you to be negro playthings, like Richard Pryor’s character in the movie “Toy.” srticle

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