Monday, June 11, 2012

The Most Pathogenic Media in History

For the fourth time since 1900, the West is trying to commit suicide. This time it's not training battalions of goose-stepping young men to put their bodies in the cold and soggy trenches of Germany, France, and Russia, as in World Wars I and II. But just like the Cold War, in which Soviet imperialism almost conquered the West, the old capitals of Paris, Berlin, and London are still spreading the political plague of Marxist totalitarianism, totally heedless of the historic catastrophes it brought to Russia, China, and all the rest. In a purely intellectual way, this fact is so idiotic, so self-destructive that no sane person expected it after the clean defeat of Soviet and Chinese communism twenty years ago. It is objectively insane.
And yet, today's Western media have never stopped working to destroy the very societies they claim to serve. We have the most pathogenic media in history -- they create social divisions, ethnic hostilities, massive deliberate misunderstandings of the real causes of economic despair, and political "solutions" from the very people who created those problems in the first place. Our media are the worst plague virus in history because they spread falsehoods and block the truth. No society can solve problems if the media lie as a daily habit. Perverse and dysfunctional media can destroy working societies -- article here

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