Monday, June 04, 2012

Do Muslims Care About Existential Questions?

Islam doesn't want the same things we want....individual Muslims may, but not Islam, the institution.
Besides which, whatever it is they're doing, it's working!
Not only has Islam survived 14 centuries and defeated many non-Western civilizations it has come up against. It may well be on its way to bringing down Western civilization, too....on top of the Buddhists, Byzantines, Hindus, Persians, and Middle East North African Christendom.

We err when we think that Islam will be better off with equal rights, individual liberty, minority protections, and all that we! It will not be better off. Islam, the institution, would be destroyed by these things. Non-Muslims and individual Muslims might love them, but the global institution of Islam would be annihilated with acceptance of these principles and they know it. That is why they fight them with everything they've got.

They created a system that works to conquer, dominate, and proliferate. It is all-encompassing, complex, and very, very sophisticated. Why would they even consider diluting that in the slightest, much less giving it up?

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