Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HORROR: Mob of 20 'hooded blacks' storm UK pub, drag white man out, stab him to death...

Father, 56, fighting for life after being stabbed trying to shield dying son from frenzied attack by hoodie gang outside pub after Chelsea match.

20 hooded youths stormed pub with knives 'like a pack of wolves'
Bernard Fitzpatrick is critical after acting as a human shield when son Luke, 25, was dragged away then stabbed to death in the street
Gang attacked after Champions League final in scenes 'like something out of a horror film'
Youths were known troublemakers - 'at 17 why have they got knives? it's disgusting' says one witness
'He had never done a bad thing in his life but he can’t even go to the pub with his dad and have a pint without getting murdered', says friend
'Bad things happen to good people. None of the scumbags who did this could ever live up to our friend.'

A gang of 20 hooded youths stormed a pub after the Champions League final before dragging away a 25-year old man and stabbing him to death in scenes 'like a horror film', friends said today.

'True gent' Luke Fitzpatrick was killed and his father Bernard, who threw himself on top of his son in a desperate attempt to shield him, remains in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed four times.

The pair were attacked when a gang armed with bats and knives stormed the north London pub after father and son had watched Chelsea win the cup together at on Saturday. article here

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