Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Occupy Wall Street leaders terrorist bomb plot thwarted-media hides the "Occupy" part

National Media Ignore Would-be Cleveland Terrorists' Occupy Connections
By Matthew Sheffield

The leaders of the plot to bomb an Ohio highway bridge are members of the "Occupy" movement, but you won't find that information in much of the mainstream media coverage of the story.

The FBI arrested five people in a federal sting operation in which FBI agents provided inoperable explosives to suspects allegedly intending to bomb a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland. The suspects, Douglas Wright, 26, Brandon Baxter, 20, and Anthony Hayne, 35, are described as self-proclaimed anarchists in a Justice Department statement. All three are connected to the Occupy Cleveland group.

The men were arrested Monday on charges of conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials. Charges are pending against Connor Stevens, 20, and Joshua Stafford, 23, who were also arrested, the department said. The men are scheduled to appear today in federal court in Cleveland.

Baxter, Hayne and Wright all appear to have connections to Occupy Cleveland and the overall Occupy movement --a movement marked by extensive violence and criminality, yet embraced by Democrats and liberal leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama. That may explain why the liberal media is downplaying or ignoring the Occupy connection - it might embarrass Obama.

USA Today? No mention at all.

Bloomberg? No mention at all.

CBS News? No mention at all.

Voice of America? No mention at all.

The New York Times? No mention at all.

CNN? The cable network notes that the language used by one of the suspects in reference to "the 1 percent" sounds like Occupy terminology, but CNN fails to mention that some of the suspects were actually involved with Occupy Cleveland.

The Associated Press? It mentions the Occupy connection but downplays it, letting an Occupy Cleveland spokesman's claim the men "weren't affiliated with or representing the group" go unchallenged.

The local media, on the other hand -- specifically the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, is reporting the Occupy connection to the terrorist plot.'s Dan Riehl has more on the connection between the Occupy movement and the Ohio bridge-bombing plot.

Given the national press's obsessive attempts to track down even imaginary racism or extremism allegations within the Tea Party movement, it's pretty clear that had Tea Partiers decided to blow up a bridge, you can be sure that even the apolitical would know about it. end of article

Here is an interesting flashback on how the media handles reporting against non-liberals. Watch this video of a limited government demonstrator carrying a rifle, and wearing a pistol as part of a gun rights demonstration while participating in a demonstration against Obama care, then see how NBC uses extraordinarily filmed and edited video of him to portray him as WHITE! to serve as the basis for a discussion of a dangerous racist threat to the life of our first black president by gun toting whites, etc.. The conservative man with the gun, IS BLACK! If the expertly created and edited video had revealed his hand, or his face, then the whole discussion could not have even been attempted.

Here is the video of the SAME man at the SAME event, by a local ABC affiliate (by the way, it is just a rifle, it is not a "machine gun", nor is it an "assault rifle", it merely looks like the M-16 rifle in appearance, but it is not an automatic weapon, average citizens have not been allowed to buy automatics in almost 80 years (sorry if the media had you convinced that people and criminals have been buying and using automatic weapons all this time, since you will continue to see news story after news story  telling you that "automatic weapons", and/or "assault rifles" "were used during the crime" maybe you should consider rereading 1984), ABC decided to use him in an anti-gun propaganda piece instead of a race piece as NBC did, so they showed his face, but totally lied about the rifle).

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