Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breaking News on Trayvon. Extraordinary behind the scenes information, and investigation

This is reporting that we rarely see today, and that we will not see coming from the MSM, if you want background into Trayvon, and a look at who he was the night he was killed, then you have to look at this guys reporting.

Update #26 Part-1 Trayvon Martin – What were the last 18 months like for him?

Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence…

Interesting Development – Trayvon Martin Quid Pro Quo at the 7-11? Update – Confirmed

Lean is also the drug mixture that killed Pimp C. nigga pimp c died on an overdose of lean (urban dictionary descriptive)

Purple Lean, or Lean, is an intoxicating beverage also known by the names lean, sizzurp, and liquid codeine. It is commonly abused by southern rappers and wannabe suburban teenagers. It is a mixture of Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup and sprite, or other beverage [such as Arizona Watermelon] with a few jolly ranchers and/or skittles thrown in.

More great analysis of the released documents. Zimmerman: The Discovery and the Witnesses

More insight into the possible scenario. George Zimmerman: The Most Likely Scenario

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