Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How the National Media create the fake story, of Zimmerman using a racial slur on the 911 tapes

There was a time when the left totally controlled almost all of the information, and decided what was news, and how it would be reported, and what the public was to learn from it.
Those who remember those days, also remember that the news was all exactly the same, both in stories selected to be told, and how the stories were reported.
Whether  CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC, and later CNN, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union, Houston Chronicle, AM radio, FM radio, NPR, Pacifica, morning news shows, evening news shows, Time, Newsweek, US News, AP, UPI, it was all exactly the same, with the same exact interpretation, selectivity of information, and conclusions, even in personal ruminations, and speculations by the writers and the talking heads, and not a single media source ever questioned, or exposed, any of the others.

Those over thirty should be able to remember when the cracks started appearing in the left's hegemony over information, the Internet became useful, center/to center right Fox appeared, Rush Limbaugh had been made legal on talk radio by Reagan's ending the law that had kept talk radio purely liberal.
After the "Fairness Doctrine" was ended, we discovered that the "King of Radio" Larry King's audience of a couple, or few hundred thousand was as pathetic as it sounds, as once a conservative was allowed onto national radio, he gained an audience of up to 22 million in a short time (just as Fox, quickly became the top cable news channel), that is proof of the hunger for uncensored information that existed in America, and the left has been fighting to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine" ever since. 

Conservatives created book publishers, magazines, blogs, Drudge became famous for breaking a story that Newsweek had attempted to sit on (President Clinton and the blue dress).

People over 40 will remember a day when there was really nothing in the way of non-liberal filtered information, it was very Soviet style, as many refugees from Communism used to point out about the American media, even Republican George Will's introduction to the TV audience in the early 1980s was a very anemic media response to the election landslide of the man the media called too "right wing", too "radical", the highest number of electoral votes ever won by a non incumbent presidential candidate, and even then, the media made no real effort to reach out to it's audience, to reassess the gulf between America and themselves, that explains why almost all of that old media is dying off, they hated us, our culture, our God, our families, and our nation, and we took the first chance to abandon them that we could. WM

The article related to the title, here.  Excerpt:
The one concrete piece of "evidence" used to prove George Zimmermann's racist intent on the evening of the Trayvon Martin shooting was a racial slur that many in the media were sure they heard... until they didn't. How did this episode of creative speculation become part of the "facts" of the Trayvon Martin story?

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