Friday, April 06, 2012

Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, has become the most covered story in America, eclipsing even the presidential election, according to one media-tracking organization.

This is a pretty good little summary of the coverage to-date, it tells us that the more left the news source, the more promotion of the story. MSNBC has amazingly given almost 50% of it's news coverage to what should have been merely a local story. The article is here.

Excerpt:But the many people who followed the news about the violent incident got radically different accounts of what happened on that rainy Sunday night in Sanford, Fla., depending on where they got their news.
The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reported Wednesday that about one-fifth of the total news space earlier in the week was devoted to the shooting. (Pew sampled news outlets ranging across social media, blogs, newspapers, radio and television.)

On Twitter and the liberal cable outlet MSNBC, Martin has appeared largely as an innocent victim of racially charged violence by an overzealous would-be cop.

But conservative websites, such as, reported that the racial angle has been concocted or overblown, and the conservative focused on Martin’s Internet postings, implying he might have been the sort of streetwise young man who would provoke a confrontation.
MSNBC has been among the outlets following the story most intently, with the Pew study showing that from March 19 to March 28, the cable outlet devoted nearly half of its time to coverage of the shooting. By comparison, the case made up 40% of CNN’s coverage during that time and 15% of Fox News’ coverage.

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