Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Watch as the media performs a high-tech lynching

Notice how the media can escalate an attack, this headline suddenly creates "sexual abuse" out of thin air, from an already vague claim of, "sexual harassment".
This story already is an unsourced claim with only anonymous 'sources', no specifics, no facts, yet not only is it being pushed as the biggest story of the campaign, but more fuel is being thrown on the bonfire as we scratch our heads, as we try to remember what in the late 1990s "constituted a physical gesture that was not overtly sexual but discomfiting", the media is turning it into the tool they hope to use to end the candidacy of the leader for the GOP presidential nomination.
This same media fought to squash the story of democrat candidate John Edwards actually conducting an affair, and having an illegitimate baby, with someone who he hired for the 2008 primary, and the National Enquirer was attacked for breaking the story with it's extensive photographic and documented evidence. The Enquirer stood alone for almost a year of reporting before the main stream media finally was forced to accept the reality, of course by then the media had already decided they didn't need Edwards in the race anyway, he had become expendable to the left, whereas Cain, as a conservative black man, remains a deep threat to them .
UPDATE: CBS Broadcasts 'Sexual Assault' Claims Against Herman Cain
Out of the blue, CBS suddenly starts reporting it as "Sexual Assault", from the news anchor, during a news break on the Today show, quote:
"One of two women who accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual assault wants to speak out. The woman's lawyer say she wants to be released from a confidentiality agreement, so that she can publically respond to Cain's recent claims regarding the case."

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