Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ohio’s Health-Care Initiative Just Went National

Most ballot initiatives have little resonance outside the states that consider them. That’s not so with the upcoming vote in Ohio. Ohio’s November vote on the Health Care Freedom Amendment (Issue 3) will have national implications, and could play a role in determining the future of our nation’s health-care system.

The Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment preserves the freedom of Ohio citizens to choose their health care and health insurance. It makes clear that no government has the right to force free people to buy a government-approved health-care package from a government-approved insurance company.

In this, it’s following in the footsteps of efforts made in numerous other states, from Idaho to Missouri to Georgia, that have adopted measures to reject aspects of the new Obamacare law and reclaim some basic freedoms for citizens from an overreaching federal government.

Ohio’s ballot initiative, however, will be particularly significant because of its timing.

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