Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hertz Fires 26 Muslim Drivers For Too Many Prayers At Work

New Libyan leader says sharia law will rule... KARZAI: Afghanistan to back Pakistan if war with USA... Tunisia is where the Arab Spring revolt began. It is also the first country to go through elections post its Arab Spring revolution. And who is about to win a land slide victory in this election? The Islamist party of course. Obama Offers Saudis Condolences -- From The Golf Course... ISLAM RISING U.S. Warns American Citizens In Kenya Of Imminent Terrorist Threat Iraq: Immunity For US Troops Was The Deal Breaker For Presence In Iraq UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN INSTALLING FOOT-WASHING BASINS FOR MUSLIM STUDENTS MINNESOTA College to Install Muslim Foot Bath ILLINOIS: College installs footbaths for Muslim students. New York University installs footbaths for Muslim students Indianapolis airport officials have announced plans to add footbaths for Muslims who wish to wash before their five-times-daily prayer rituals The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins in restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim taxicab drivers Minneapolis airport provides foot baths for Muslims

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